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Contactless Equipment Registration

Information we require for your contactless rental

Register your details now for contactless equipment fitting

To minimise contact time in the shop and get you out on the slopes ASAP, we are asking all of our rental customers to fill their details on the form below. This will enable us topre-fit and deliver your gear to your accommodation before you arrive in Falls Creek.

To do this we require you provide us with an accurate set of body measurements so we can give you the best gear to suit you and your ability.

Please read the information below and  register the details for you and the members of your group.

Once we have this information, the team at Snowrider rentals will prepare your gear and deliver it to your accommodation so you are ready to go.

If you require adjustments or would like to exchange your gear for a different size, then please come and visit us at the shop.

If you have any questions or concerns or need any help filling out the form, please feel free to email us at or call us direct on (03) 5758 3819


Centimeters (cm)

To measure your height, start by grabbing a pencil and standing with your back against a wall. Then, use the pencil to mark where the highest point on the top of your head meets the wall.

Get a tape measure and measure the distance from the floor to the mark you made on the wall, and voila!


Kilograms (kg)

To measure your weight, you will need a standard set of bathroom scales that are balanced on a level surface. 

No cheating as we need an accurate measurment to give you the best possible equipment so you can either cruise around or shred the mountain to the best of your ability.

Foot Size

Centimeters (cm)
  1. Place a sheet of paper on the floor and against a wall
  2. Make sure you are wearing the same socks that you would normally wear with this type of shoe
  3. Wearing these socks, stand on the sheet of paper with your foot perpendicular to the wall and your heel against the wall.
  4. Then use a pen to draw a line just in front of your big toe. Repeat for both feet and take the longer distance to determine your size.
  5. Using a ruler, measure the distance between the wall and the line you drew to find your size
  6. Repeat on the opposite foot. Compare the two measurements and let us know the longest measurement in centimetres (cm)
  7. Measure the width of the foot in the same way, Compare the two measurements and let us know the longest measurement in centimetres (cm)

Body Dimensions

Centimeters (cm)

We need these if you are renting clothing or helmets. Using a tape measure we need to get the measurments of the following

  • Head – Use a soft tape and place the tape firmly around your head above your ear and mid-forehead.
  • Chest – Wrap the tape measure under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest.
  • Waist – measure at the halfway point between your lowest rib and the top of your hipbone  roughly in-line with your belly button.
  • Hips -Measure the circumference of your hips and make sure that you measure around the largest part of your buttocks